MaxLite’s LED BR and Omni A19 lamps qualify for LDL LED Pro
West Caldwell, New Jersey -MaxLite®, a leading global manufacturer and marketer of innovative LED luminaires and lamps, announced that sixteen LED BR and Omni A19 Lamps are now listed on the Lighting Design Lab’s (LDL) interim qualified products list. The 10- and 13-watt LED BR lamps and seven-, 10- and 15-watt Omnidirectional A19 lamps will qualify for rebates for one year by most utility companies in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States, which includes Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Utah and Alaska. The LDL qualifies LED products while they are being reviewed by ENERGY STAR® or DesignLights Consortium® (DLC). Products on the LDL list are certified to meet ENERGY STAR or DLC specs, except lumen maintenance, and are listed for up to one year.

“Lighting Design Lab is a highly respected education and demonstration organization that provides professional consultations and guidance on the latest energy-efficient lighting products available to our customers in the Pacific Northwest,” said MaxLite’s Vice President of Product Marketing and Engineering Pat Treadway. “We are proud to announce our inclusion on the Lighting Design Lab LED Qualified Product List, which supports our commitment to high-quality LED products.”

The highly efficient LED BR30 and BR40 lamps have a solid aluminum housing that ensures thermal heat protection and offer a smooth, exterior reflector that conceals the LEDs and replicates the aesthetically pleasing design of an incandescent. The 10-watt BR30 and 13-watt BR40 model replace up to 65- and 90-watt incandescent flood lights, respectively. The LED BR lamps provide efficient general lighting in track, display and recessed fixtures for architectural, residential, retail, office and hospitality applications for a long L70-rated lifetime of 25,000 hours.

The most versatile light source in the market, MaxLite's LED Omnidirectional A19 lamp replicates a true A19 incandescent lamp with a 300-degree beam angle that produces even light from the socket base and above in all directions. Available in standard Edison or GU24 bases, the seven-, 10- and 15-watt lamps replace 40-, 60- and 75-watt incandescents, respectively. The LED lamps are ideal for table and floor lamps, ceiling fixtures, sconces and pendants in residential and commercial applications.

MaxLite’s Omni A19 and BR lamps are available in 2700K, 3000K and 4100K CCTs.

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