2015 LED Christmas icicle light HL-ILW2C-180
  • Type:LED Icicle Light Decoration
  • Length:2m,3m,4m,5m...to 10m wide
  • Voltage:24V,100V-277VAC
  • Color:red,blue,yellow,white,green,warm white,pink,purple,multi color
  • Rated Lifetime:Over 50,000 hours
  • Working Temp:-30C To 60C
  • Certification:CE,Rohs,etc..
  • Warranty:1 Years
Product Details

2015 LED Christmas icicle light HL-ILW2C-180

Our LED icicle lights are with insulated waterproof jacket UV lamp bulb, even under the impact of a strong storm, the light won't rust. And they can resist high temperature, low temperature, waterproof, anti-aging, anti-pull.

1).Materials: copper wires,LEDs

2).Connectable: yes

3).Normal sizes: 2m(6.5ft),3m,4m,5m...to 10m(33ft)

4).Available pendant shape: redbud, rose, cherry, butterfly, dragonfly, waterdrop, ice piton,

small ball, pine,snowball, heart shape, snowflake, star,lotus, Chinese knot, lantern, etc.       

5).Available colors: red, blue, yellow, white, green, warm white, pink, purple, multi color

6).Different sizes, shapes,length, bulb numbers can be designed per request

7).Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. 

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