About Us

        Hollin Lighting Industries Co., Ltd specializes in R&D, manufacturing various LED Trees (LED Cherry Tree, LED Willow Tree, LED Pine tree, LED Cotton Tree, LED Maple Tree, LED Fireworks, LED Fruit Tree, LED Flower Tree, LED Coconut Palm Tree…etc), LED motifs, LED string lights, LED Rope light, Decorative Light, etc…and we can also undertake all kinds of custom-contoured LED lamps, lighting products for indoor and outdoor use. Our products are widely used in parks, squares, buildings and living area, shopping centers, highways, subway stations and other outdoor facilities project. And they can be found in major cities establishments all over the world for past 5 years.

        We have highly professional engineers and competent technicians and marketing force to develop, produce and sell all above-mentioned LED lighting products. Our aim is to provide the best quality products with our best services. With professional and strict quality control, our standardized modern factory facilities enable us to supply high quality products to meet your requirement. Our services are always meet customers' expectation, with innovative designs, quality products, prompt delivery and competitive prices guaranteed. To ensure fast and convenient logistic support globally, all products are designed to meet international standards and manufactured under thorough quality supervision.

        We keep on improving our products and services in all aspects so as to suit the changing market demands.

        All OEM & ODM orders are welcomed and you will find we are your reliable partner!

        We are looking forward to establish a long-term business relationship with you. Please feel free to contact us with any question/inquiry!

Company Culture

Our company usually organizes group activities, such as climb mountains, travel and Karaoke. Corporate events can motivate and entertain the employees. Whether the company's objectives are business oriented, team focused or fun based all of the multi activity are ideal tools for team building and development.

  • Core Value
    Fair Progressive Trustworthy
  • Operation Concep
    Eyes on needs  Persist on innovations
  • Enterprise Mission
    To improve lighting levels with our persist entlyinnovative products
  • Enterprise Vision
    Leading Brand in the field

Corporate activity are perfect if the company wants to say thank to the customers or to the employees. It can enrich the business relationship. The main aim should be to choose which majority of the members enjoy.

Quaity Control

Hollinlighting is strongly committed to customer satisfaction by providing products and services of the highest quality and reliability.

The quality policy of Hollinlighting is to pursue and realize its management philosophy, "We shall make the best products in the world", in the LED Tree and related LED products market / industry. Specifically, in order to meet the customer's increasingly demanding quality requirements of high-level performance, higher packing density, and more advanced functions, Hollinlighting focuses on customer satisfaction by producing timely environmentally-friendly LED products of the highest quality and reliability.

As a result, all Hollinlighting employees perform activities with the ultimate goal of zero defects, in alignment with the Quality Management System at every stage from product planning, product development, product design, and trial mass production through sales and logistics.

Course of Action

1. Place an emphasis on development of new products and technologies with a proactive approach as well as innovative and novel ideas.
2. Perform quality activities based upon the standardized Quality Management System by setting objectives from product development through mass production,sales and logistics.
3. Under this Quality Organization, continually strive for quality improvement activities by making all employees fully understand this Quality Policy.
4. Periodically make modifications and improvements on this Quality Policy and its objectives by evaluating the activities' results.