24V Led Motif light snowflake series HL-M-015
  • Type:Snowflake series
  • Length:70CM
  • Voltage:24V,100V-277VAC
  • Color:Red,White,Yellow,Green,Blue,RGB,customized
  • Rated Lifetime:Over 50,000 hours
  • Working Temp:-30C To 60C
  • Certification:CE,Rohs,etc..
  • Warranty:1 Years
Product Details

24V Led Motif light snowflake seriesHL-M-015

The LED motif light is waterproof and with high brightness, it is very safe even to be touched. Different colors and lighting can give us various effects and living image to decorate our gardens, street , plaza and markets, which will greatly enrich the holiday celebration and decorations. LED motif light is made as image of design with metal frame attaching with LED lights ,it is environmental favorable . Different sizes can be customized!

LED motif is made by LED rope light and LED light chain. With metal or aluminum frame can create various figures.
-New and Unique styles.
-Various design such as Christmas series, Commerical series,Garden series, Animal series,Cartoon series,Sporting series as well as other Festival and traditional designs.
-Steady bright and multi-effects are available.
-Wide range of use. Suitable to decorate building,street,garden and party.
-Customer's designs are also welcome.



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