Can LEDs make intersections safer?

LEDs have gained popularity in homes and business across the country due to the fact that they are bright, customizable and are extremely energy efficient. Because of this, many cities are considering changing their traffic signals to include LED lighting fixtures. Commercial LED lighting has already gained popularity in parking lots and street lights.

Cost effectiveness

There are several aspects of traffic lights that can have an effect on the cost. One is the fact that traditional incandescent bulbs have to be replaced about once a year. In contrast, LED willow tree  have been proven to last for up to eight years, meaning cities save material and labor costs. For example, a standard incandescent light bulb is rated at 150 watts, while LEDs use just 25 watts, which translates into huge energy savings for the cities. When LED traffic lights were installed, the digital meter that reads power consumption started moving so slowly that the power company thought it might be broken.


Not only can LED traffic lights save cities money, they may be able prevent accidents as well. LED traffic signals can help draw driver attention during the day, and are visible at greater distances during the night because they are significantly brighter than incandescents. They are also easier to spot during blizzards, storms and other types of inclement weather.

Commuter convenience

The fact that LED light bulbs last for years instead of months means crews don't have to block intersections replacing the lights. This will ensure happy commuters by keeping the roadways clear and moving quickly, and will prevent police officers from needing to take time out of their day to direct traffic.

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