Heliospectra launches L4A Series 10 for plant research 
Heliospectra AB, a technology start-up based in Sweden, has officially launched the L4A Series 10 LED light system designed for plant researchers to facilitate their jobs.
Ahead of the formal launch, a handful of researchers received the L4A Series 10 to research the effect of specific light spectra on plant characteristics. One of these studies is to develop species specific lighting, or light regimes, for optimizing and modulating plant growth. Heliospectra’s system has 240 individual LEDs across seven different wavelengths ranging from violet to far red. Each wavelength channel is individually adjustable allowing researchers to create precise spectra to match their experimental needs.
Scientists are excited at the new opportunities for furthering their discoveries using Heliospectra’s technology. At the Australian National University’s Research School of Biology, Dr. Justin Borevitz is one such scientist. “We are about to start growing our first plants under diurnal spectral conditions using the L4A. As a researcher we want a flexible light system that features the control to deliver a precise spectra and intensity for accuracy in our research. Having a system like Heliospectra's is incredibly exciting to start working within our lab.”

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