Hoesch Releases Ergo bathtub with LED lighting | – LED, LED

The Ergo series will be available in  LED Rope Light Series different shape variants including rectangular, corner, oval and square. The different shapes of the bathtub provide a contemporary spin to the traditional design of the bathtub. All the bathtubs of this series are fitted with LED lights giving it a spa-like feeling. The company has designed the bathtub in a way that it can hold a maximum of four tub spots.

The tub normally has eight Venturi jets, which on customer demand can be LED Rope Light Series  increased upto 26 Air-Inject jets. The tub's warm, whirly water renders a feeling of relaxing massage. Hoesh has offered this series in comfortable depth that varies from 470 mm to 500 mm.

The light strip of the tub is integrated into the overflow groove. The user of the tub, depending upon his mood, can select a color from its available list of seven colors. The tub has an ergonomical design that bestows a relaxing property to bathing LED Rope Light Series  and adds visual appeal to any contemporary bathroom.

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