Illumitex Enters into Joint Research and Business Development

Led Cherry Tree has announced that it has entered into a joint research and business development relationship with Syngenta. Through the alliance, Syngenta will utilize Illumitex’s patented Led Cherry Tree technology to develop next generation growing protocols in plant growth research projects in controlled environments such as greenhouses and indoor growth chambers.

By coupling Illumitex’s precision beam control with the capability of customizing the light spectrum, Illumitex is enabling widespread adoption of Led Cherry Tree for use in the global horticulture market. Illumitex’s horticulture lighting systems also provide dynamic wavelength control to further regulate plant growth, while the Digital DistributionTM beam technology results in unrivalled light quality on the plants. Joint collaboration projects to improve plant production processes in Switzerland, the Netherlands and the United States are scheduled to begin in Q3 2011.

In conjunction with the collaboration, Syngenta Ventures, the venture capital arm of Syngenta, has made an investment in Illumitex Inc. as part of the company’s latest round of private funding. The funds will be used to assist Illumitex with continued Led Cherry Tree technology research and development, as well as to expand the sales and marketing efforts of existing products.

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