LED lighting Product - to look beyond the race

Reduce costs, improve efficiency and development of independent intellectual property rights are the three themes of the development of lighting products, in this new light & Lighting Expo and new energy field, there will be a number of patented, forward-looking technology products debut a concentrated domestic and foreign firms in the preparation of a new light, new light source and lighting materials / devices / technologies, new lighting and energy-saving lighting products, lighting appliances, new energy lighting system, new lighting and display products and application fields, and on-site holding the same period the product symposium, will present and explore many new areas of new energy source the latest products, technologies and future trends.

    Philips Lighting, as industry representatives will launch an LED solutions (such as Master LED) to replace halogen, incandescent and energy-saving lamps, decorative play a leading role in some areas, LED neon smaller than traditional, more bright, longer life, less maintenance costs, but also be able to run at low voltage; addition Philips also for business and home lighting to bring LED-based lighting technology lighting systems and a range of scenarios AmbiScene unique colorful style household LED lamps.
    Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Institute of the LED team is committed to the next generation of semiconductor technology for lighting and display applications, development, and provide solutions, including power level chips, high performance and functional LED devices, new lighting, LED display technology and new control system. By integrating the development of platform technologies, ASTRI provide diversified technology and product solutions to the industry.
    Overcome the traditional structure of heat, the second with light design, think twice engineering Co.,Ltd. Shanghai introduced LED lights, tunnel lights with self-patented optical design software and a unique cooling technology makes light volume decreased weight and can be more good heat dissipation, improved LED lamp life and luminous efficiency. Digital energy technology Co., Ltd. Dresdner CTT microwave plasma lamps are the next generation of lighting, lamps light can easily reach 93% efficiency, is ideal for high-power light source lighting system.
    BYD lighting LED lighting products dedicated to the development and production, providing professional application solutions, will be on a comprehensive interpretation of energy-efficient, long life, full life cycle of use, low cost, green environmental protection of these features reflect the lighting is always BYD users to consider the professional design. For hotel lighting, lighting protection plasticity excellent aesthetic design requirements; for office lighting, flexible shuttle for employees in the bright and comfortable office environment; for street lighting, provision of green LED lights full set of highly efficient solar solutions. In addition, the BYD also for industrial lighting, automotive lighting products and solutions provided. Flourishing in the green lighting, the opportunities and challenges will be many local and overseas manufacturers and the industry face the issue. Green Lighting Shanghai 2010 will be new energy source through the new lighting technology and equipment exhibition focused on the downstream industry chain, the focus is to discuss hot issues for the industry to provide excellent communication and presentation opportunities and guide development of the industry and future trends.
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