LED lighting's unit price declines and the sales amount increases
LED lighting's unit price declines and the sales amount increases With the further increase of LED lights' effect and more reliable quality, the cost of LED lighting products declines, the LED market keeps continuously expanding.Data shows that 2014 Chinese domestic sales of LED lamps is about 400 million,the overall growth rate reached 193.7%,while domestic sales is 69.85 billion yuan,sales penetration rate is over 8% ; in with about 445 million,the amount of penetration is approximately 4.56% . Benefit from the business according to the outbreak of the market, sales of the top 3 types of LED lights are straight tube LED lamps,LED downlights and LED spotlights. Among which, LED tube lights straight domestic sales of 151 million,LED downlights market sales growth of 1,008.4% in domestic market. 35 pilot cities in the pilot project has implemented LED application about 3200 add 470 more than in 2012, more than 10.45 million LED lamps get demonstration applications. Project constitution is still major in outdoor lighting, indoor lighting, landscape lighting dominated,accounting for 98% of all projects , which features indoor and outdoor lighting proportion of the total project continues to rise, reaching 77 percent. Meanwhile, the price of LED lighting products continued to decline. From the relevant price index, from January to July 2013, according to the wholesale price index Zhongshan Guzhen Lighting display, LED lamps wholesale prices fell by 21.72% ; In fact,since 2012,LED lighting prices continued downward shocks , 18 months fell more than 1/3. According the data that CSA from Taobao network terminal collect LED bulb price trend, from April 2013 to November,LED bulb unit power price from 8.73 yuan / W down to 5.78 yuan / W, a drop of 38.4% .
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