Molex’s Light Module Received 2011 Architectural SSL Produc

Incorporated’s Hollin Lighting Sustainable led Light Module has received a platinum award recipient in the modular engines category of the 2011 Architectural SSL Product Integration Awards (PIA),which determines and honors the best LED/solid-state luminaires and fixtures on the market.

led Light Module is the first plug-and-play sustainable solid-state lighting system to integrate high-efficiency precision lighting with an easy-to-use socketed solution. Combining solid-state lighting technology from Bridgelux and engage-and-turn interconnect technology from Molex, the Helieon system simplifies the process of designing, building and replacing luminaires for any lighting application.

By led Light emulating a traditional lighting socket, the Helieon system delivers an easy and familiar installation experience. Beam angle, color temperature and light output can be easily upgraded or modified with the turn of the wrist, post-installation, without the complexity and expense of removing the luminaire.
Product options are tailored to match light output levels of traditional light sources; this system can deliver between 500 and 1,500 lumens under application conditions in halogen and fluorescent options.

led Light are available in 24, 32 and 50 degree beam angles that enable precision effects in a variety of applications.

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