NexSense LED Troffer Series Receives UL Compliance Approval |

,the subsidiary from , is announced to clarify led miniscape trees the significance of the UL compliance approval it received for it's 2x2 NexSense LED Troffer Series No. TRO75RWD from Intertek.
Jon Cooper, CEO of NexPhase, thought highly of the significance of the UL compliance approval. He believed that UL compliance approval was an essential safety requirement for LED Luminaries and without it they were unable to reputably sell LED lighting fixtures led miniscape trees to customers. It was also an essential requirement to use the numerous utility rebates programs that are available throughout the country.

In his opinion, “any lighting luminaries that do not have UL compliance are unfit for use and deployment in the commercial and residential marketplace. Specifically as it relates to utility rebates, NexPhase is working very closely with Con Edison in New York and to  led miniscape treesharvest Con Edison specific rebates UL, LM80 and LM79 approvals are required to avail our customers of these lucrative rebate programs."

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