Novaled Develops White OLED of 60 lumens/watt | – LED, LED

recently makes a breakthrought on led miniscape trees white OLED with light output of 60 lm/W at a brightness of 1,000 cd/m2.

According to the company,  these LED have 100,000 hours lifetime at an initial brightness of 1,000 cd/m2 while using commercially available fluorescent blue emitting material.

The color rendering index  is also tested high of 87 for these LEDs. A very broad led miniscape trees light emission spectrum and good CIE color coordinates (0.470/0.429) were achieved, which is close to illuminant A and inside the US Department of Energy  quadrangles meeting the DOE energy star color specifications, says Novaled.

Novaled said it has intentionally used a classical and commercially available fluorescent blue emitter material although the OLED power efficiency with such materials is usually much less than with phosphorescent emitters, but due to the advantages of the Novaled PIN led miniscape trees OLED technology and proprietary materials a remarkably high value could be reached.

Novaled says the OLED sample incorporates Novaled light extraction technology led miniscape trees and dedicated material NET 61 thereby enhancing the efficiency and improving the angular dependence of emitted light.

The new power-efficient white PIN OLEDs suits for OLED lamps and luminaires for general and design lighting.

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