Panasonic Supports Infineon Raceway for Energy Conservation

led tree has supported its 1,652 solar panels and a new full-color, dual-sided LED video board at the famed Northern California Infineon Raceway for energy conservation.

led tree Manufactured by Panasonic’s Sanyo division, the high-efficiency solar panels will cover 41-percent of the raceway’s energy usage. And Panasonic has also provided the raceway with a low-energy LED video board. Easily visible from Highway 37, the new board measures 5.77’ high by 17.32’ wide, and uses 57,600 LEDs to create messages brighter than the older technology. led tree consumes just 50% of the energy of the board which was powered by 7,000 traditional light bulbs it replaces.

According to led tree, president of Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company, “Panasonic has publically stated its goal to be the number one green innovation company in the electronics industry by 2018, led tree will mark Panasonic’s 100th anniversary.Our valued partnership with Infineon Raceway is one more example of how we intend to make good on this commitment.”

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