TILS 2014: Easlite Industry Introduces LED Product Portfolio

Easlite Industry Co., LTD is a manufacturer in Taiwan. The company was founded in October 2010, with headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan. The company has experts from different fields including plastic aluminum heat sink molding technology, lens, IC design, PCB design, lighting electrical engineer.

The company is a LED lighting product manufacturer, that specializes in the field of heat sink plastic , candle, MR-16 lights, and also supplies ,  par, spotlight, down light, ceiling light, light source, power module and LED high bay product to clients.

The company uses heat sink plastic for LED bulbs, candle lights, MR-16 that can prevent electric shock, burns, explosions and the short-lived, EASLITE can solve this above problems by our core technologies and offer good quality product to our customer.

EASLITE can offer the plastic aluminum heat sink component to the company’s clients too, because the plastic component is well designed, it can solve companies heat sink problems, and let those companies have an easy way to sell their own brand product. If you have any question or request, please contact Easlite Industry Co.

Light Source Features

Patent: Taiwan and China

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