Zhaga publishes Book 7 and Book 8 interface specifications f

Two more interface specifications for LED light engines have been published by the Zhaga Consortium. Zhaga is an international organization that is enabling the interchangeability of LED light sources made by different manufacturers.

Book 7 covers a variety of rectangular and linear LED modules with separate electronic control gear that are intended primarily for use in indoor lighting applications. Book 8 describes a drum-shaped LED light engine (LLE) with integrated electronic control gear, used primarily for downlighting applications. Book 7 modules are typically mounted directly into a luminaire by means of screws, while Book 8 light engines can be inserted into a suitable socket inside the luminaire.

Luminaires built using interchangeable, Zhaga-based LED light sources enable manufacturers to switch from one supplier to another without changing the design of the luminaire. This can increase competition among suppliers, alleviate the risks of having a single source, and allow luminaire makers to take full advantage of light-engine performance enhancements.

Books 7 and 8 join Books 1, 2 and 3, which are already available for public use. The other approved Books are expected to be published shortly, and new specifications are in development. Zhaga interface specifications are made public as soon as each specification is stable and the certification procedure is fully established.

Zhaga member companies have already received certification for a range of products that were designed according to either Book 7 or Book 8, including LED modules and holders.

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