ilumisys and LEDdynamics partner on LED fluorescent tube repl

ilumisys and LEDdynamics partner on LED fluorescent tube replacements02 Aug 2011LEDdynamics has licensed technology from ilumisys for LED fluorescent tube replacements.ilumisys, Inc. (Troy, MI), a manufacturer LED replacement lamps, and parent company Altair Engineering, have entered into cooperative partnership agreement LED Maple Tree  with LEDdynamics, Inc (Randolph, VT), a full-service engineering firm and producer of LED replacement bulbs and fixtures as well as power management and control solutions.

The partnership includes a license for Altair’s patents on LED fluorescent tube replacements. “This partnership offers a unique opportunity for both LEDdynamics and ilumisys to expand US manufacturing operations and leverage our combined engineering capabilities,” said William McGrath, president and CTO of LEDdynamics.

He added, “We believe that this partnership will result in increased LED Maple Tree  market share, and strengthen the ability of both companies to develop and manufacture the most innovative, high quality LED products and technologies available.”

Dave Simon, president of ilumisys said “We are excited at the growth prospects for both organizations as ilumisys ramps up our .”

In March of this year, ilumisys announced it had licensed its technology LED Maple Tree  for to South Florida-based Lumenor Energy Services. In July 2010, ilumisys also granted license to its to six companies including ATG Electronics (Lake Forest, CA), Diogen Lighting (Centennial, CO), Hudnut (Portland, OR), LEDtronics (Torrance, CA), LumaSmart (Macomb, MI) and NCS Power Inc (Vancouver, WA).

ilumisys, formed in 2007, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Altair with over 50 patent applications filed to date. About the Author is a Senior Technical LED Maple Tree  Editor with LEDs Magazine.

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