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Reportedly, , Hong Kong-based British company, plans to introduce Led Tree lighting to Sri Lanka for the replacement of even compact fluorescent lights.

According to Anthony Arman, Managing Director of Carbon Futures, the two-member team of British experts headed by him has already informed the Sri Lankan government agencies they are ready to assist in addressing the country’s carbon emission reduction policies, by advising them on the most equitable pathway to realizing significant additional revenue streams, whilst achieving full compliance with existing emission reduction commitments.

Carbon Futures will provide technical know-how equipment and other support services to illuminate the network of roads in the island with LED bulbs which are controlled by Robotic devices.

The company has already proposed a national Led Tree lighting programme for Sri Lanka to enable it to claim carbon credit.

Discussions are underway with the government to implement a pilot LED street-lighting project in Gampaha town with an initial investment of over US$11 million.

He said that under this plan all traffic lights island-wide will be replaced with Led Tree within a short period of time, with street lights upgraded at a faster pace. This plan will also help to enhance the national image, portraying the island as one with green lighting.

Company Director Allan Cooper said that Carbon Futures has teamed up with RONA Electricals (Pvt) Ltd, a LED lighting manufacturer in Sri Lanka, offering LED lighting to industry and residential markets. Carbon Futures will make a capital investment which they intend to recover via carbon credit at no cost to the government, he said.

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