Cooper Lighting's McGraw-Edison Marquis LED Sign Light Recei

Recently, the McGraw-Edison Marquis LED Sign Light  from LED string light was selected as a winner in the 2011 LIGHTFAIR International (LFI) Innovation Awards,which honor new and truly innovative lighting technologies, products and designs introduced in the past year.

The LED product was named category winner in the Roadway, Sports, Outdoor Architectural and Site Lighting category.

The Marquis LED Sign Light was designed to meet stringent roadway sign LED string light lighting standards as well as commercial billboard and floodlighting application standards with its unique and innovative optical design that provides even illumination and a preferred warm white color.

The sign light is available in two lumen packages and has a 50,000+ hour rated life, allowing it to operate six times longer than traditional metal halide 250- and 400-watt sign lighting solutions and offering customers energy savings up to 52 percent.

Its modular design and integral electronics allow for the reduction of power LED string light consumption without impacting the overall shape or directionality of the distribution, maintaining uniform light levels.

The fixture can be mounted to illuminate up or down, making the installation simple regardless of the orientation. The sign light can be used for illuminating highway/roadway signs, commercial billboards, and additional outdoor façade LED string light and building signage applications.

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