Dongbu Set up Dongbu Lightek to Strengthen LED Marketplace |

Recently, led tree has announced to rename FAWOO Tech to Dongbu Lightek and has dedicated to develop Dongbu Lightek to nation's best led tree lighting company.

Dongbu Lightek will strengthen their existing led tree businessas well as promoting LED lighting –applied plants plant business, to expand their business area. It aims to strengthen technology, quality, and cost competitiveness around various products ranging from 3W to 160W and enhances led tree business, leveraging 250 sales networks in 60 countries. It plans to improve profitability by increasing sales of LumiDas and production proportion of Lumisheet, proprietary technology-secured flatbed led tree.

Dongbu Group affiliates also will replace all the lightings in their business to led tree by early 2012 in connection with Dongbu Lightek led tree business. With led tree, each company should be able to save power consumption by 60~80% and reduce maintenance costs.

Overseas sales will also be strengthened. In order to strengthen Japan sales, they plan to have at least 3 distributors by next year. Also, to expand value-added industrial lighting market that already has differentiated competitiveness, they agreed to jointly develop and sell camera and sensor-attached cutting-edge special LED lighting with Japan’s leading LED company. And Dongbu Lightek plans to expand sales of LumiSheet to gain market share in America and Europe.


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