Lumenpulse LED Fixtures Illuminate “Lantern of Hope” at B

, a leading innovator and manufacturer of high LED Pine Tree  performance, architectural LED-based lighting solutions for commercial, institutional, and urban environments, today released a customer case study focused on a project for the Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center in Gilbert, AZ. Lumenpulse fixtures were used to illuminate a 60-foot high, metal tower over the soon-to-be main entrance of the facility, to create the ‘Lantern of Hope’.

The center, due to officially open in September 2011, set a design goal of transforming the metal tower structure into an inspiring beacon of light that would represent healing and hope for the center’s patients and staff.

A number of design challenges were presented by the unique tower LED Pine Tree  structure and the physical environment it resided in. To meet these challenges the lighting designer used robust Lumenpulse fixtures to withstand extreme temperatures and dryness, with narrow optics and a custom mounting solution to achieve a fully controllable, uniform illumination without causing sky glow.

The lighting solution was designed by Cannon Design; the company who was also the architect for the structure itself.

In the case study, Sara Schonour, lighting designer at Cannon Design LED Pine Tree  had this to say about Lumenpulse’s products:

“The Lumenpulse products out-performed their competitors in every aspect with the total package of performance, reach, cost, accessibility, adjustability, maintenance, and fixture look and design winning it for Lumenpulse. Also the ease of control through the Lumentouch control system –which gives the center staff the ability to easily adjust the lighting to suit their facility’s needs-- was another key element.”

The complete case study of the Lumenpulse installation at the LED Pine Tree  Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center can be viewed at:
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Founded in 2006, Lumenpulse develops and manufactures high performance, sustainable architectural LED-based fixtures and solutions for commercial, institutional, and urban environments. Attention to detail in mechanical, optical and fixture design has positioned Lumenpulse as a leader in the global LED lighting marketplace for indoor and outdoor uses. In addition to comprehensive product family offerings, Lumenpulse also specializes in the design, manufacturing and commissioning of large scale, customized, LED LED Pine Tree  lighting solutions worldwide.
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