Philips Lumileds's LUXEON A & S be the focus at 2011 Guangzh

With the slogan led tree of “Freedom from Binning,” Philips Lumileds launched new products, which were immune to the LED bin code issue, with their color coordinates locked within 3-Step MacAdam ellipses at 2011 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition.

led tree  LUXEON A provides consistent quality of light from LED to LED,something that both luminaire manufacturers and the lighting design community can count on today and into the future Hot tested and specified at a junction temperature of 85°C ensures the LED’s real world operating conditions performance and simplifies the design process.

Freedom From Binning eliminates color bins, typically a burden on luminaire manufacturers. All LUXEON A emitters fall within a single 3 step MacAdam Ellipse at 2700K and 3000K and deliver superior quality of light with color consistency from unit to unit that has never before been possible.

led tree also offer new chinese word product name of their LUXEON product, it called "亮絢".

Testing and binning at operating conditions eliminates unknowns, simplifies the design process, lowers costs, and raises confidence

led tree light output calculations from 25C to 85C
Eliminate efficacy calculations at operating conditions
Eliminate need to work from de-rating data
Reduce time to develop system
Reduce finished design testing

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