VIZIO Moves into LED Lighting Market

led tree has announced to step into LED Lighting market with a collection of new, high performance, energy saving, LED bulb in Q4.

The company partners with Epistar and Seoul Semiconductor for the new line of led tree. Donald Leo, Vice President, of SEOUL SEMICONDUCTOR noted that they are looking forward to VIZIO's entrance into the market with their soon-to-launch High Efficiency LED light bulbs.
And Dr. B.J. Lee, Chairman of Epistar said that "VIZIO'S expansion into the led tree market stands to challenge the convention in the same way that it has had in the flat panel television market. VIZIO's experience in delivering quality products at an exceptional value, combined with the company's commitment to searching for the eco-friendly solutions presents an unprecedented challenge to the entire industry."

According to VIZIO, it’s an unusual move, which it is looking to "challenge the convention" of the industry with the move. The move into the led tree industry follows the introduction of its first, tablet PC earlier last week.

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