• LED bulb efficiency expected to continue improving as cost declines
    Led Industry News
    2015-01-08 18:41
    LED bulb efficiency expected to continue improving as cost declines
  • How Light Emitting Diodes Work
    Led Industry News
    2015-01-08 18:23
    How Light Emitting Diodes Work
  • The Advantages of LED Lights
    Led Industry News
    2015-01-08 18:21
    The Advantages of LED Lights
  • Brief Introduction about "Smart" LED lighting
    Led Industry News
    2014-12-15 12:25
    Brief Introduction about "Smart" LED lighting!The typical image of “Smart” lighting is an LED Lamp or Luminaire connected wirelessly and controlled via a mobile device to turn on and off, set dimming level and in some cases, change the c
  • The LED lighting products will be the future of the light.
    Led Industry News
    2014-12-15 12:20
    Light is something people have always needed. This is a light source people will want. Based on different benefits and reasons, the LED lighting products will be the future of the light.
  • Is it Time to Seriously Consider LED Lighting(LED tree lights) for Your Next Residential or Commercia
    Led Industry News
    2014-12-15 12:14
    Is it Time to Seriously Consider LED Lighting(LED tree lights) for Your Next Residential or Commercial Project? The answer is absolutely YES.
  • China's LED Lighting Market Will Develop Rapidly in Next few Years
    Led Industry News
    2014-07-22 14:48
    Led lighting is a major Led application market. Currently, landscape Lighting and led lights are two application fields that are developing very fast. The general lighting market for short-term projects is hard to start, as the cost is the
  • Global LED lighting shipments forecast to reach USD17.8 billion in 2014
    Led Industry News
    2014-07-22 14:47
    The value of the LED lighting market in 2014 will rise to $17.8 billion with total shipments of LED lighting products reaching 1.32 billion units forecasts LEDinside, a research division of TrendForce. The figures point to a 68% year on yea
  • LED lighting market to grow over 12-fold to $25 billion in 2023
    Led Industry News
    2014-07-22 14:47
    Driven by superior features and falling costs, the market for light-emitting diode (LED) luminaires, or optimized permanent light fixtures, will grow more than 12-fold over the next decade from $2 billion today to $25 billion in 2023, a com
  • How LED Is Revolutionizing the Lighting Sector
    Led Industry News
    2014-07-22 14:22
    The LED revolution in lighting technology is comparable to another technological transformation: transistors. When transistors replaced vacuum tubes in the 1940s, they were instrumental in the later development of personal computers, notebo
  • Can LED Bulbs Make Nuclear Plants Obsolete
    Led Industry News
    2014-07-22 14:20
    Businesses, voters, utilities and politicians will be asking that questionor an equivalent form of itseveral times over the next two decades. Should they invest in technology and projects that generate power or into products like solid-stat
  • LED Lighting Market Is Expected To See Strong Growth Ahead
    Led Industry News
    2014-07-14 20:31
    LED lights are based on light emitting diodes compared to incandescent bulbs which are based on filaments. LEDs are highly efficient as they offer brightness of up to 150 lumens per watt compared to CFLs (compact fluorescent), which offer b
  • LED Industry Innovations: Several Trends to Follow
    Led Industry News
    2014-07-14 20:29
    Light-emitting diodes have been around for 50 years, but they have only developed to the point of being suitable for general-purpose lighting in the last 10. The field is undergoing rapid evolution mapped by the LED equivalent of Moore's La
  • White LEDs in street lighting functional safe and efficient
    Led Industry News
    2014-07-14 20:28
    In the course of evolution, the human eye has adapted to bright, white sunlight. It is, therefore, not surprising that artificial white light is regarded as particularly natural. Despite this fact, high-pressure sodium vapor lamps were a pr
  • LED Lighting Prices to Plummet By 2015
    Led Industry News
    2014-07-14 20:26
    VantagePoint Capital Partners, the Silicon Valley investor that helped bring Tesla Motors Inc. (TSLA) public, expects prices for LEDs to plummet within three years as competition intensifies to satisfy surging demand for energy-efficient li
  • Can LEDs make intersections safer?
    Company News
    2014-02-22 11:43
    LED willow tree have gained popularity in homes and business across the country due to the fact that they are bright, customizable and are extremely energy efficient. Because of this, many cities are considering changing their traffic signal
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