• LED Cherry Tree
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    This LED ABS tree adopts different technology from regular trunk LED trees and simulation trees. We have a series of new type ABS trees available(some were not presented online to prevent them from copy). ...
  • LED Maple Tree
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    New type LED ABS maple tree HL-MT021,These classic maple leaves match the ABS trunk just well! We have different colors available for the leaves. And the trunks can be produced in various colors at your selection. BTW, you can design your ow...
  • LED Cherry Tree
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    blue flower white LED ABS cherry tree HL-ABS-002,LED tree lights are both suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They are very easily to be installed and disassembled! ...
  • LED Cherry Tree
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    LED ABS cherry tree HL-ABS-001,This tree type is different from our LED normal cherry tree(normal trunk) or LED simulation cherry tree(simulation trunk).Its trunk is unique and can emit lights too. ...
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