Practical LED Applications at Home

LED lights are more and more popular! Rather than trying to light your entire living room with LEDs, consider starting small with one of these lighting applications:
• Task and reading lights
• Stairway lighting
• Closet lighting
• Recessed lighting
• Linear strips
• Accent lighting
• Outdoor lighting
• Holiday lights

Although some people like the clean, white light that LED tree, others prefer the familiar yellow tinge of incandescents. However, with a little design manipulation, LEDs can provide a similar, home-y effect. For example, if you install LED cove lighting, paint your ceiling a warm shade. The cool white of the LEDs will reflect and diffuse, resulting in a warmer light. LEDs are actually available in a range of colors, such as red, blue, green and amber, so consider incorporating one of these shades into your accent lighting scheme.

Since they are so 'directional,' LEDs really shine when it comes to task lighting. Use an LED lamp or two to illuminate your work surface and reduce your reliance on overhead lighting. Another great application for LEDs is stair lighting. Install an inexpensive LED stair lighting kit (they are available with motion sensors for around $50) to guide you down safely in the middle of the night, and also because it makes your stairwell look really cool. LEDs work well in hallways or other spaces in which directional light is adequate.

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