Sharp Introduces World’s Most Efficient LED Ceiling Light |

Reportedly, led downlight has developed a square ceiling light LED ceiling light,which is considered as the most efficient in the industry.

Combining direct illumination with the kind of highly efficient LEDs used in LCD televisions,the new product  is 1.6 times more energy efficient than previous LED ceiling lights. And it’s designed to be uesd in small, medium, and large sized rooms.

According to the company, this led downlight features it’s the top performer in terms of energy efficiency. The model for small-sized rooms has a luminous efficiency of 81.3 lumens per watt, which is an industry-leading performance.

Another feature of this light is that it utilizes the characteristics of led downlight to enable its brightness and color tone to be adjusted. So you can vary the brightness and the color tone in 10 steps. Even when it’s used as a night light, this light can be adjusted in three steps. So it offers 103 variations in brightness and color tone.

The light also features an insect repellant structure, which makes it hard for bugs and dust to get inside. There is also a Favorite Setting button on the remote control, which remembers the preferred brightness and color tone.

As an environmentally friendly feature, led downlight also has a Sleep Button, which can gradually fade the light to a low output night-light level or switch off completely.

led downlight said that the company plans  to release this ceiling light on August 27 and expects it will retail at around 55,000 yen for the large room model, 45,000 yen for the medium room model, and 35,000 yen for the small room model.

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