LED lighting industry has a bright future and a serious product expansion

LED lighting industry has a bright future and a serious product expansion

Speaking of lighting, most people will think of incandescent, fluorescent, energy saving lamps, LED but may not be familiar with. In fact, LED is a way to convert electrical energy into light energy semiconductors, with a long life, high luminous efficiency, low power consumption characteristics. From the point of view of energy saving LED after massive popularity, will bring considerable energy efficiency. So the industry is considered to be a new sunrise industry in the energy sector. The industry in recent years under the national attention hottest, brightest flocked to the capital.

Data show that the same luminous efficiency of LED lights is more than 80% energy than incandescent, energy saving 50% than energy saving lamps. Lighting electricity accounts for about 12% of the whole society of total consumption, the annual power consumption of 4 trillion degrees the amount of calculation, the annual lighting of about 5000 billion kWh of electricity, if the full use of LED lights, the annual saving would be more than 200 billion degrees. Energy-saving LED lighting products superior performance currently irreplaceable, but in the market to sell what?

Although the LED energy-saving effect impeccable, but the current situation, LED lighting business is not good to do. One brand of LED lights than regular incandescent price several times or even ten times higher, had it not in terms of price competitive advantage; while a large number of low-priced fish in troubled waters on the market inferior LED products, so that their retail business is difficult. Forest boss LED lights more upscale some large wholesale route did not go cheap, but the market still has a lot of products are only a few dollars, ten dollars, although not up to the amount of PV, but people only recognize the cheap . Retail is not good to do, forest owners have a business mainly for the energy needs of customers with a single project.

This industry a good look, in fact, is not so. "There can be said to be called crowded, or that very chaotic, there is no order. Massive investment, resulting in the current confusion on the entire product, market confusion, in addition, there is no national policy or in the application before the special uncertainties in the application side, especially In the lighting segment, terminal lighting market, home lighting, empirical lighting, not much above the pull of this industry is currently still in development, encounter a big bottleneck...

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